For the last few years my focus has been painting spatial abstractions based on my journey to the underworld. Inspiration comes from the fact that in the underworld, nature and soul are of the same substance. My paintings reveal a glimpse of this passionate world with its darkness, magic, and light. These painted abstractions are mapped out with multiple overlapping intertwining layers that unite into a single abstract composition without any sense of place or time and are not concerned with a literal depiction of things from the visible world. Rather, my pieces reshape the natural world by breaking away from experienced reality to exist only as sensory experiences that express a moment in time and space somewhere between the here and the now. It’s about seeing and feeling the unseen.

By utilizing various mixed media (i.e. acrylics, house paint, spray paint, sand, earth, fabric, wood, paper, cardboard, metal, etc.), I allow the materials to dictate the direction for this creative process. Thus, I establish an environment that supplies inspiration and foundation for my work.

I have exhibited my artwork globally and it hangs in collections in Australia, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the US.

Upon graduation from the Rhode Island School of Design, I was creative director and principle of my own multi-faceted design studio in Milan, Italy and Sydney, Australia while painting and exhibiting as well. Throughout my career, I’ve collaborated with leaders in the fashion industry (Akris, Alberta Ferretti, Asprey, Giorgio Armani, Lisa Ho, Moschino, Ralph Lauren, among others).

As a Swiss/American artist, I currently work and live on the New Jersey shore outside NYC.